Sunday, December 2, 2007


Most of these terms are from the second half of this course, but of these terms have been reposted from the first half since they were not completed. All terms have been mentioned and discussed in lecture.

Please do the following:

1) Offer a brief definition of the term in context of course.

2) Identify at least one author and work associated with this term.
    Include other associated authors as needed.

    Include authors who oppose, or are antagonistic to, the term or what it means.

3) Discuss the significance of this term to your cited works and authors.

4) Discuss the significance of this term to the overall issues taken up in English 10B.

5) Use grammatically and mechanically correct standard written English.

Understand that this is not a simple memorize/regurgitate terms list. Effective responses will engage the "big picture" issues discussed over the quarter, and will illuminate terms in ways that will help you work through possible essay prompts.

Reminder: this is your study guide. The more you contribute, the more you all get out of it.

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