Sunday, October 28, 2007


A trochee is a foot used in metered poetry consisting of two syllables. Instead of being short-long like an iamb, a trochee is long-short. When the trochee is used as a substitution in iambic poetry, it helps the syllables to stand out and be emphasized.

Example Absalom and Achitophel, (501-505):

The next for interest sought to embroil the state,
To sell their duty at a dearer rate;
And make their Jewish markets of the throne;
Pretending public good, to serve their own.
Others thought kings a useless heavy load,

Here the word others comprises a trochee. The trochee highlights that the topic is changing, so that the reader doesn't get confused.

Robert Martin, 1B

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P.J. said...

Tell me what other functions - besides marking a transition - the trochee might be performing, poetically and rhetorically. - PJE